Conway Import Co., Inc is an American owned company based right outside of Chicago with an east coast distribution center in New York.  The “Import” portion of our name goes back to the early 1900s when we solely imported and blended salad oils.  Now 95% of our ingredients & packaging come from the US. Conway is privately owned and still operated by the Heineman Family, for five generations now.  From its earliest food service roots going back to 1876, the Heinemans have established Conway as the go to company for “Top Shelf” quality. 

Manufacturers juggle the scale between quality and price with most leaning towards price at a cost to flavor, texture and eye appeal.  Conway works the balance more towards quality and rarely loses a taste cutting.  Chefs and owners have often admitted that Conway products taste as good as their scratch made dressings and sauces. A 4/1 Gallon case of Conway could cost as much as $10 more, but keep in mind that you will get upwards of 250 – 2 oz. portions to defer that cost. Don’t you think your customers would be willing to pay 4 cents more for a more memorable dressing or sauce from Conway. 

Satisfied customers result in repeat business, and word-of-mouth increased traffic. You will not find Conway on the retail shelves.  Most customers are looking for a unique dining experience, so why serve something similar to what they can buy in the supermarket. Conway’s R & D team focuses on sourcing the best quality, all-natural ingredients through reliable vendors.

Conway R & D staff attend all major ingredient shows looking for the best all-natural ingredients and soon-to-be trendy exotic herbs & spices available through reliable sources. Being based 5 minutes from the Chicago O’Hare airport Conway is strategically located in a transportation hub with many of our bulk ingredients available locally as well as our spices and fruit purees.

We are one big family at Conway and happily employ people of varying origins and backgrounds. Our Christmas Party, summer family picnics and weekly summer BBQ lunches hosted by the local sales staff further unite this tight knit group.  In my 37 years I’ve witnessed dozens of our co-workers retire with 30+ years including dear Catherine Preston who was with us for 54 years.  We have rules and policies like most big companies, but we don’t hide behind them and are always there to lend an ear and assistance where needed. People matter.



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