B-29 FARM KITCHEN RANCH A delicious mayonnaise base Ranch dressing prepared with sour cream and buttermilk.  Serve as a dip or with Buffalo wings.  Tastes as if it were made from scratch. X X
B-33 ALL NATURAL RANCH The delicious flavors of Buttermilk rounded out with egg yolks and just the right amount of onion and garlic creating a “Made from Scratch” taste. Great on a salad or a s a dip with Buffalo Wings. Gluten Free. X X
B-76 GARLIC & SOUR CREAM A must for the “garlic lovers” salad.  Great on baked potatoes and as a vegetable dip. Gluten Free. X X
B-80 SOUTHERN GOURMET Widely used as a House Dressing, this zingy creamy herbal dressing is speckled with black pepper, egg, garlic, olive oil and spices.  Makes a great pasta and turkey salad.  Some bottle it and sell it at the register.  Gluten Free. Kosher X X
B-89 TRIPLE CHILI PEPPER RANCH DRESSING People love hot & spicy more than ever and this dressing, dip and sauce is exploding with flavor.  We carefully blended Chipotle, Padilla and Ancho chili peppers delivering varying levels of up front and back of the mouth heat along with their subtle berry raisin cocoa flavor nodes.  A touch Sriracha and cilantro a buttermilk based product delivers a dressing and sauce like no other.  Gluten Free. Kosher X X X
C-26 COUNTRY® FRENCH A sweet and tart tomato base dressing sprinkled with beet, onion and paprika. Gluten Free. X
C-64 SESAME FRENCH Sweet and tart tomato base dressing with diced onion, celery seed and sesame seed. Gluten Free. Kosher X
D-12 SWEET RED WINE VINAIGRETTE A delicious new sweet dressing flavored with red wine vinegar, onion, garlic and spices.  Excellent on “Chopped Salads.”  Gluten Free. X X
D-19 HOUSE ITALIAN An olive oil and red wine vinegar base dressing, blended with both onion and garlic juice, soy sauce, parmesan cheese and green onions.  This dressing has a “made from scratch taste” that will please every Italian dressing lover. X X
D-49 VINAIGRETTE DRESSING A tasty vinaigrette dressing with olive oil, garlic and coarse ground pepper.  Gluten Free. Kosher X
D-78 LA FLORA® ITALIAN An abundance of herbs and spices crowned with vegetable oil and garlic resulting in an authentic Italian dressing.  A terrific vegetable and meat marinade; Our #1 seller. Gluten Free. X X
E-33 CREAMY COLE SLAW A sweet white creamy coleslaw dressing prepared with a mayonnaise base to create a slaw dressing that will keep your cabbage from weeping.  Celery seed is added for taste and appearance.  Gluten Free. X X
E-67 DELI STYLE COLE SLAW A sweet white creamy coleslaw dressing prepared with a mayonnaise base to create a slaw dressing that will keep your cabbage from weeping. X X
E-90 ALL AMERICAN COLE SLAW Mayonnaise base dressing carefully prepared to avoid cabbage weeping.  Sweet and sharp.  Enhances the color of cabbage. Gluten Free. X X
F-22 SQUARE BLUE CHEESE This mild mayonnaise base has blue cheese chunks spread throughout every bite.  Great dip for vegetables and buffalo wings.  Gluten Free. X X
F-33 EXTRA CHUNKY BLUE CHEESE The highest quantity of chunky blue cheese available in a foodservice dressing.  A rich mayonnaise base dressing blended with sour cream, buttermilk, garlic and spices.  Perfect with spicy Buffalo wings. X X
F-48 ALL NATURAL BLUE CHEESE An all natural “Extra Chunky” Blue Cheese dressing. Great as a dressing or as thick dip for hot wings and fried appetizers. Gluten Free X X
F-53 PARMESAN & PEPPER If you like parmesan cheese and pepper, you’re going to love this dressing because it’s got plenty of both.  Great dip, too. Gluten Free. X X
F-54 BLUE CHEESE CLASSIQUE We’ve taken our top quality blue cheese, a lot of it, and added it to a sour cream base with buttermilk, mayonnaise and onion to create a true classic.  We use a smaller crumble that gives better distribution.  Gluten Free. X X
F-74 CREAMY GORGONZOLA ITALIAN An authentic creamy Italian dressing blended with Gorgonzola cheese, red wine vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, garlic, oregano and onion.  Gluten Free. X X
G-01 PERFECT CAESAR Ready to serve.  Place 2-3 ounces of dressing in a bowl; add 4 ounces of romaine lettuce, croutons and toss.  Vegetable and olive oil, parmesan cheese, anchovies and garlic make this dressing a house specialty.  Very thick and creamy. X
G-03 CLASSIC CAESAR Enjoy the traditional blend of olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, anchovy, and pepper in this non-separating dressing. X
G-07 PURE OLIVE OIL CAESAR An authentic Caesar dressing featuring olive oil, parmesan cheese, cracked black pepper, garlic and anchovies. X X
G-33 EMPIRE CAESAR Traditional Caesar flavor with garlic, parmesan cheese, anchovy and pepper in this pourable, emulsified dressing. X
G-47 ALL NATURAL CAESAR . A true “Classic” creamy Caesar dressing blended with olive oil, garlic juice, parmesan cheese, onions and anchovies. Use as a spread on “All Natural”  chicken sandwiches or wraps. Gluten Free   X
H-05 REMOULADE SAUCE this spicy seafood saucecontains Dijon Mustard and horseradish. Delicious on a fish sandwich or with Cajun Popcorn shrimp. X X X
I-54 HONEY CITRUS DRESSING A not too sweet all-natural blend of honey and citrus features pure honey, Florida lemon juice and cider vinegar. Delicious as a dressing, marinade or fruit topping. Gluten Free. X X
J-01 LOW FAT/LOW CAL ITALIAN A unique and flavorful dressing.  A mild garlic flavor comprised of oregano, red peppers and crushed black pepper.  Gluten Free. X X
J-07 LOW FAT, REDUCED CAL. CAESAR The most delicious low-fat Caesar dressing available.  Blended with vegetable oil, garlic and Parmesan cheese.  Only 3 grams of fat & 43 calories per 1 ounce serving. X X
J-19 LOW FAT, LIGHT HONEY DIJON A blend of pure honey, Dijon mustard and cider vinegar creating an outstanding dressing or dip.  Low fat and only 57 calories per ounce. Gluten Free. X X
J-22 FAT FREE LEMON HERB A combination of white wine vinegar, garlic, lemon, onion and parsley flakes.  Cholesterol free, low calorie and low sodium.  Gluten Free. X X
J-29 FAT FREE CREAMY ITALIAN An authentic white creamy Italian dressing prepared with white wine vinegar, garlic, onion, minced pimento, oregano and red pepper.  Gluten Free. X X
J-31 FAT FREE RASPBERRY VING. A fabulous tasting Vinaigrette dressing with raspberries, raspberry vinegar and pure honey.  Simply top off with fresh raspberries for a delicious salad or use as a dip with fresh fruit.  Cholesterol free, low sodium and only 34 calories per ounce.  Gluten Free. X X
J-52 CARIBBEAN MANGO A Low Fat exotic spicy dressing featuring Caribean ingredients or taramind, onions, jerk seasoning, lime juice and of course, mango. A terrific marinade for seafood, poultry and pork. Great sauce for Coconut Shrimp, Jerk Chicken or wraps. X X X
J-55 “CARB FREE” ROASTED GARLIC A creamy vinaigrette dressing sweetened with    Splenda ® and prepared with white vinegar, olive oil, roasted garlic and onions. X X
J-56 REDUCED FAT, LIGHT RANCH This delicious taste of a sour cream and buttermilk ranch dressing with one-quarter less fat and one-third fewer calories.  Gluten Free. X X
J-58 LOW FAT BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE Conway’s new Low-Fat Dressings utilize a healthful, natural, dietary fiber ingredient that replaces fat without masking the flavors of the shallots, olive oil, onion and brown sugar.  Only 41 Calories per one ounce serving.  Gluten Free. X X
J-61 “CARB FREE” ASIAN SESAME GINGER An authenticFar East recipe of ginger, toasted sesame seeds, soy sauce and sesame oil. The perfect dressing for an original Asian Chicken salad sweetened with Splenda® X X X
J-80 LOW SODIUM RANCH DRESSING A delicious low sodium ranch style dressing with less than 136 mg of sodium and only 75 calories per ounce. Also low carb, reduced fat, reduced calorie, trans fat free and gluten free. X X
J-81 LOW SODIUM CAESAR DRESSING A delicious low sodium Caesar style dressing with less than 138 mg of sodium and only 82 calories per ounce. Also low carb, reduced fat, reduced calorie, trans fat free and gluten free. X X
J-82 LOW SODIUM ITALIAN DRESSING A delicious low sodium Italian style dressing with less than 137 mg of sodium and only 23 calories per ounce. Also low carb, reduced fat, reduced calorie, trans fat free and gluten free. X X
J-84 LOW SODIUM BLUE CHEESE DRESSING A delicious low sodium Blue Cheese style dressing with less than 138 mg of sodium and only 82 calories per ounce. Also low carb, reduced fat, reduced calorie, trans fat free and gluten free. X X
K-74 HONEY POPPYSEED A sweet honey dressing sprinkled with poppy seeds.  Popular on fruit salads or as a melon ball dip.  Gluten Free. Kosher  X
L-01 HOUSE BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE It has that made from scratch great taste made consistently every time.  Add your favorite crumbled cheese or drizzle on specialty wraps and sandwiches for added pizzazz.  Gluten Free. X X
L-07 HONEY MUSTARD A blend of mustard, honey and spices make this a tasty dipping sauce.  Use as a sandwich spread and marinade.  This versatile dressing is sure to please.  Gluten Free. X X
L-08 POMEGRANATE ACAI VINAIGRETTE A delicious sweet and tart vinaigrette dressing comprised of white balsamic vinegar, pomegranate juice, honey Acai, onion, garlic and shallots crowned off with lemon grass and rosemary.  Noted for their health benefits, these exotic fruits instill a nice flavor to your specialty salads, appetizers, sandwiches and wraps.  Gluten Free. X X
L-18 CITRUS ORGANIC VINAIGRETTE A delicious vinaigrette dressing blended with organic canola oil, organic white vinegar, sea salt, organic cane juice, lemon, garlic and oregano. Serve as your house vinaigrette. Certified Organic. Gluten Free. X X X
L-20 PINEAPPLE VINAIGRETTE A sweet Citrus dressing blended with pineapple juice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, ginger, sesame seeds and a dash of orange peel.  This unique recipe is ideal for drizzling over a salad or as a dip with fresh fruit. X X
L-21 WHITE BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE A sweet vinaigrette recipe prepared with olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, onion and garlic.  Gluten Free. X X
L-34 ROASTED GARLIC VINAIGRETTE A contemporary red wine vinaigrette dressing blended with olive oil, roasted garlic and spices.  Great marinade and terrific on Portobello mushrooms, artichokes, antipasto or drizzled this over Italian style sandwiches.  Gluten Free X X
L-36 CHAMPAGNE VINAIGRETTE A delicious and unique dressing containing champagne, champagne wine vinegar, mustard, onion and spices.  A classy banquet or house dressing.  Marinate your shrimp in it. Gluten Free. X X
L-51 ATHENIAN DR. & MARINADE This unique recipe is a blend of Feta cheese, black olives, red wine vinegar and garlic.  Excellent as a dressing or marinade.  Gluten Free. X X
L-55 HONEY DIJON DRESSING This widely accepted product contains Dijon mustard and real honey.  Delicious as a sandwich spread or dipping sauce for Cajun shrimp and appetizers.  Gluten Free. Kosher X X X
L-59 LIME CHIPOTLE VING. A delicious Southwestern lime dressing.  Blended with lime juice, Mexican dried and smoked Chipotle jalapenos, sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger, toasted sesame seeds, garlic and cilantro.  Gluten Free. X X
L-68 BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE A blend of soybean oil, aged balsamic wine vinegar, lemon, onions & spices.  A perfect house dressing.  Gluten Free. X
L-70 BALSAMIC DIJON VINAIGRETTE A unique contemporary recipe comprised of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic and Dijon mustard.  Excellent as a marinade for meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes.  Gluten Free. X
L-90 BASIL VINAIGRETTE Soybean oil, balsamic wine vinegar, lemon, onion and sweet basil are blended together in this favorite Vinaigrette style dressing. Gluten Free. X
L-95 ALL NATURAL HOUSE BALSAMIC Aged balsamic vinegar, olive oil, shallots and green onions will make this vinaigrette a “House” specialty. Add your favoritecrumbled cheese or drizzle on wraps, sandwiches, or even pizza. Gluten Free.  X
M-27 ASIAN GARLIC WING SAUCE We combine the Asian flavors of sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds with garlic, red peppers, and enough hot sauce to rate as medium hot. Adds some Asian inspired Pizzazz to any stir fry dish. X X
M-33 PARMESAN PEPPER WING SAUCE This sauce is loaded with parmesan cheese to coat your wings evenly and with just the right amount of pepper and hot sauce to be rated as medium hot. Gluten Free. X
M-49 WHITE BALSAMIC SWEET ONION VING. A delicious blend of minced onions, white balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, Florida lemon juice and olive oil in a flavorful all-natural vinaigrette.  Gluten Free. X X
M-67 HONEY APPLE CHAMPAGNE VINAIGRETTE this simple clean tasting blend of Champagne, real honey and cider vinegar with a touch of mustard, shallot, lemon, basil and natural Apple flavoring makes for a delicious all-natural vinaigrette. –Low Fat, Low Calorie X X X
M-70 MEDIUM WING SAUCE A medium range Buffalo-style Wing Sauce that blends cayenne pepper, garlic and other flavors to create the right amount of kick without being overpowering.  Great with a Blue Cheese or Ranch dip.  Gluten Free. X
N-22 ORGANIC SESAME GINGER An authentic Asian Style recipe prepared with organic canola oil, organic sesame seed oil, organic ginger, organic soy sauce and just the right amount of organic spices added to create a perfect Asian Chicken Salad, dip or marinade. Certified Organic. X X X
N-57 RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE. A delicious sweet but subtle raspberry vinaigrette. Great as a dressing for fruit and nut based summer salads or drizzled over fresh fruit. X
N-60 ASIAN SESAME GINGER An authentic Far East recipe of soy sauce, sesame seed oil, garlic, ginger, rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds.  The perfect dressing for an original Asian chicken salad, a dip or marinade. X X
O-27 CHIPOTLE ORANGE BBQ SAUCE This thick, pourable BBQ sauce has molasses, tomato paste and a brown sugar base along with chopped chipotle and jalapeno peppers and a splash of orange.  This delicious sauce is sure to please everyone as a marinade or basting sauce.  Serve on the side with all barbecued foods and specialty sandwiches and wraps such as Cajun chicken, swordfish or tuna. X X
P-10 HORSERADISH SAUCE Creamy smooth, with a full horseradish flavor. Goes well with prime rib, smoked baby trout and all fried battered finger foods. Gluten Free. X X
Q-01 EXTRA HEAVY MAYONNAISE A real mayonnaise with an oil content of 83% % and an egg yolk content of 6%, more than any other competitive brand. This lightly seasoned base provides the professional kitchen with better yielods, a pure qwholesome flavor and better binding of in-house prepared salads and dressings. Gluten Free.  X X
Q-29 CROWN PREMIUM MAYONNAISE This Mayonnaise enjoys similar characteristics to our Q-1 Extra-Heavy Mayonnaise in addition to being a more seasoned product.  Gluten Free. X X
Q-72 ALL NATURAL MAYONNAISE A real Chef’s mayonnaise lightly seasoned and perfect for preparingin house salad dressings, sandwiches and side salads. 60 day shelf life from date of manufacturer. Gluten Free.  X X
S-13 FARMHOUSE 1,000 ISLAND A mayonnaise base dressing with sour cream, chili sauce, ketchup, sweet relish, capers, egg yolks, red bell peppers, sesame seeds and green onions. An excllent dressing, sauce or spread for sandwiches and hamburgers. X
S-16 CROWN THOUSAND ISLAND A rich mixture of mayonnaise, crunchy, relishes, tomatoes and seasoned with a special blend of spices and herbs.  Gluten Free. X
S-27 ALL NATURAL THOUSAND ISLAND A delicious blend of chili sauce, sweet pickle relish, cultured buttermilk, green onions, chopped capers and red bell peppers. Excellent sauce on hamburgers, sandwiches and wraps. Gluten Free.  X
S-31 ALL AMERICAN THOUSAND ISLAND A rich mixture of Conway mayonnaise with crunchy relishes, California tomatoes, diced carrots and seasoned to please.  Excellent sauce for sandwiches and hamburgers. Kosher X
T-05 COASTAL TARTAR SAUCE A creamy mayonnaise base sauce with diced onions and sweet relish. Gluten Free. X X
T-51 CICO TARTAR SAUCE Mayonnaise base with combination of dill relish, onions and sugar. Nice and thick. X X
V-18 SEAFOOD COCKTAIL SAUCE This is no ordinary Seafood Sauce.  Enjoy the flavors of chili sauce, celery, red bell pepper, pickle and special spices.  Clings nicely to chilled shrimp. X X
W-04 ASIAN SHOYU SPICY TOASTED SESAME A delicious Asian style dip, sauce and marinade.  Wonderful with sushi, Maki rolls or sashimi.  Stir fry your protein and vegetables or use as a marinade before grilling in this sauce blended with sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, red peppers and toasted sesame seeds. X X X
W-05 ALL NATURAL TERIYAKI SAUCE blended with pineapple juice, soy sauce, mirin wine, wasabi, brown sugar, fish sauce and other all-natural ingredients. Thin enough to marinate and use in stir fry dishes and thick enough to use as a glaze for filets, chicken and seafood. A flavorful Teriyaki Sauce with almost half the sodium of other leading brands. X X
W-09 BACON DRESSING A unique sweet dressing with pieces of flavored bacon bits and spices.  Will not separate when heated on a steam table to make a delicious hot spinach salad or German potato salad.  Gluten Free. X
W-14 CREOLE HONEY MUSTARD Cajun style mustard sauce features Poupon and Pomery mustards, blended with pure honey and brown sugar for a sweet/spicy Creole Classic. Great as a dip or spread for wraps or sanwiches. X X
W-24 SWEET PARISIAN STYLE DRESSING A traditional sweet white dressing, a blend of white wine vinegar, Worcestershire, garlic and seasonings.  Delicious over spring greens. X
W-47 ROASTED RED PEPPER SAUCE Use as your House special remoulade sauce for crab cakes or as a dipping sauce for finger foods, chips or fresh veggies. Cut with vinegar for an extraordinary “house” vinaigrette. Gluten Free. X X
W-51 ASIAN PEANUT SAUCE A tasty peanut sauce, dressing & dip.  Delicious with satay, Maki rolls and fresh veggies.  Use for an Asian Style wrap, a Thai chicken salad or over pasta for an Asian fusion dish.  This recipe blends roasted peanuts, garlic, soy sauce and chilies for a great marinade with a low-medium spicy heat level. X X
W-60 CHIPOTLE PEPPER DIP & SPREAD The Southwest flavors of fire roasted chipotle peppers, jalapeno peppers, blended with chili sauce and onions create a sauce perfect as a spread on specialty sandwiches, wraps and as a dipping sauce. X X X
W-67 DILL DRESSING & DIP Sour cream flavorwith Conway Mayonnaise, parsley, spices and fresh dill weed. A thick, flavorful dip that goes great with veggie platters. X X
W-86 HOT HONEY MUSTARD Unlimited uses.  A delicious sauce made with honey, Dijon mustard, brown sugar, egg yolk and mustard seed.  Excellent dip for fried foods and fresh seafood.  Gluten Free. X X
W-91 MARYLAND CRAB CAKE BASE create an authentic Maryland Style Crab Cake or miniature crab bites using Conway’s base by simply mixing with panko bread Crumbs and blue crab meat or add some of your favoriteingredients to create your own signature crab cake. Bake broil saute or fry then plate, garnish and serve with Conway’s Roasted Red Pepper, Remoulade, Chipotle, Creole Cocktail or Tartar sauces. Consistent simple and delicious.  Gluten Free. X X
X-08 COUNTRY MAPLE SYRUP A combination of pure maple syrup and liquid sugar make this a favorite on pancakes and waffles. Gluten Free.  X

AD&S: Asian Dressing & Sauces

HO: Healthy Options

MBD&S: Mayonnaise Based Dressings & Sauces

V&ID: Vinaigrette & Italian Dressings

MC: Modern Classics

SS&D: Specialty Sauces and Dips